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Leaf Bracelet

Part Number:16387-4


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Begin by cutting between (18-20) 1 inch pieces of CH-32. Take both of your fairy ribbons and lie them flat side by side. Attach your cut pieces of leaf chain at odd intervals along the length of the ribbon. Use the small jump ring from the chain and close it around both or each of the ribbons. You can alternate this process.

Thread the ends of the ribbons through a large hole bead. This bead is used as a closure as well as a means to tighten the ribbon around your arm. The one used on this bracelet has a hole size of 4mm and the bead is 3 x 9mm.

Once complete, you open the bracelet like it is a necklace that you are going to put over your head. Instead of putting it over your head, you put it over your hand and then begin by wrapping the bracelet around your arm.

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