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Odds and Ends of Chain

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1) Create the skeleton. Take Ch-AL-2 and measure off approx 16 inches. This is for your main necklace. Using the same style chain measure off and cut the following:
2 x 2 inch pieces
2 x 2.5 inch pieces
1 x 3 inches (this will be your middle piece hanging from 8 inch place on chain)
The links on Ch-AL-2 do open so there is no need to cut the links.

2) Find the middle of the 16 inch chain (8 inches) and hang your longest cut piece (3 inch piece). Then measure 6 inches in from either end of the chain and hang one of the 2 inch pieces of cut chain on either side. Now found the middle in between your 3 inch  piece and your 2 inch hanging piece, and hang your 2.5 inch piece. You should now have your 3 inch piece hanging from the middle of your chain with 2 hanging pieces on either side.

3) Now here is where you get to be creative. Using the following chain styles to create your own designs to hang from the chain you originally measured. Ch-52, Ch-8, Ch-40, CHCL-008 and CHCL-258. You can also use CH-6, CH-25 and CH-43 to hang in between your cut lengths. Go to town on this one and add styles as you see fit. This is also a great way to use up the scraps of chain and off-cuts you have left from other projects you have complete.

You can use jump rings to attach your chain - MFJR-8

4) Remember to keep monitoring the  lengths on all the hanging piece of chain. You want to have the V shaped design when you hold the chain up.

5) To end off attach your lobster clasp to one end of the chain. Remember you can open the link to attach the lobster. MFLC-906

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