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Order by Gauge

  • 18 Gauge 18 Gauge
    Rings, Handmade jump rings,
    Chain maille pieces

  • 20 Gauge 20 Gauge
    Wire wrapped bracelets & necklaces,
    Rings, Handmade ear wires,
    Handmade jump rings,
    Decorative pendant wraps,
    Coiled jewelry
  • 22 Gauge 22 Gauge
    Wire wrapped bracelets & necklaces,
    Decorative pendant wraps
    with fine detailing
  • 24 Gauge 24 Gauge
    Delicate & intricate wire-
    wrapped designs

  • 26 Gauge 26 Gauge
    Very fine wire.
    Good for beads that have small
    holes in them such as pearls.

  • 28 Gauge 28 Gauge
    Extremely fine wire,
    not much wider than a human hair.
    Mostly used for wire crocheting
    and wire knitting.